About Me

Hello, I’m Antonio.

I live with my wife and son in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA. This page is a blog about my attempt to leave “The Matrix” of a 9-5 job and become financially independent as an online entrepreneur. I decided to quit my 9-5 job almost a year ago and have been living off of money that I saved up. My plan was to quit the job (I didn’t like) and figure out how to start a business that will pay the bills and allow me to be my own boss. I know that quitting your job is not known as the smartest thing to do but I was at a point in life where I needed to get away from “The Matrix” of everyday life.

I’ve always known that I wanted to run my own business but I was having problems figuring out exactly what I wanted to do. I don’t mind working hard, I actually love it. What I don’t like is someone else controlling my time. I feel like I have a purpose and I want to invest my time and energy into my own cause. Working for something that I’m not passionate about feels very unnatural to me.

So, I left the day job and spent the first 6 months fixing up our new house and property that we purchased in April of 2018. It was very exciting for us to purchase an old fixer-upper farm. Saving up for a home purchase and building up credit was the main reason I was working the 9-5 anyway. I figured that the work I put into our property is raising the value of our property and I will make that money back later on. For example, I could have been at a job today and made $75 or I can spend the day raising the value of my property $75. Ya know the ol’ opportunity cost right? Either way, I’m working and making money right?

In order to do this, I had to buy a property with “potential” meaning it has the ability to be fixed up easily. I needed a place that I could buy for cheap and sell for more later. We’re not planning on selling our property anytime soon but that doesn’t matter. If I can raise the value of the home we own it’s just as good as money in the bank. Our house has great bones but it hasn’t been updated or painted since the 80’s. It has over 5 acres of woods with a beautiful creek but it was completely overgrown. I knew that I could easily repaint the house, put down a new floor, buy some new kitchen appliances etc. I also knew that I could build some nice trails to enjoy the creek and landscape the yard. The materials needed to do this costs money but not too much. The real investment was my time and physical labor. Time and energy that I wouldn’t have if I had to be at work all day. Therefore, I would have to hire a professional to do the work and he would charge me 10x more than what it costs to do myself. That means I have to work a month or two to pay for the paint job on my house. He will be done painting in a few days and I’ll have to work a month to pay for it! See what I mean? The house needs to be painted so I can buy $500 worth of paint and do it myself OR I can pay a contractor 3-5k to do it. If you want to escape “The Matrix” you have to adopt the DIY attitude and be your own boss.

My technique for escaping “The Matrix” will be to minimize my costs and use my time to learn skills I’d otherwise have to pay for. Most people pay to get things done because they don’t have time to learn the skill. If you quit your job you’ll have time though! The reality is that we will always need to have money coming in so while learning new skills helps we still need to run some sort of business.

The work we’re putting in benefits us and it’s a good investment, but I’m not planning on selling my house anytime soon. We want to live here, so I need to figure out a way to make money now. I’ve been thinking about what kind of business I want to start up. I’m into so many things so it’s hard to choose. A home repair business? a nightclub? restaurant? go into real estate? I’ve had the opportunity to work in many fields and obviously, some are easier than others to find success. I’d love to start a restaurant but it’s very expensive to start, maintain, and stay alive. Hours are long and the work is tiring once you do it day in and day out. I’ve been there. I’ve worked in bars and music venues for years and it’s fun but just as hard as a restaurant to stay in business. I’m good at maintenance/home repair but to be honest it bores me. I like fixing up my place but the thought of doing it every day for strangers is not exciting to me. So, after lots of thought, I’ve decided that the perfect business for me is to make money as an online entrepreneur!

I came to this decision because I’m good with computers, I enjoy writing and being on the internet, and I love the idea of working from home. If I can make money at home with my family I’ll be a very happy guy. I know that being home all day is not for everyone but if I can make money online by blogging it will allow me to spend much more time working on and fixing up our property.

Making money online is not something I ever thought about but somehow I came across a youtube video that got me going on the idea. It started with a video about dropshipping, which is basically selling cheap products on ebay or a website for a higher price. The idea of making money from home and on my computer had me excited but the dropshipping model was not for me. If I’m putting time and effort into promoting a product I want it to be something I believe in. I also didn’t want to deal with customer support, ordering, shipping etc. Then I came across affiliate marketing. The idea that I can write an article or review on a product I love and get a percentage of money when someone clicks my link to buy it was awesome to me. So, what you will see on thematrixexperiment.com is my journey and attempt to become an affiliate marketer.

The Matrix only teaches us to work like sheeple. But, if we take view from the outside and take control we can learn to take care of ourselves. Once we’re able to learn new skills, we’ll no longer have to pay others to do things for us. We don’t have to give our time away to jobs because our cost of living will be low enough that we can make enough by doing things we actually enjoy. We really can learn to minimize our bills and have more time to do what we want in life. Lots of people are doing it so you should too.

My goal is to become financially secure by the end of this year. That means I need to make enough from blogging to pay our bills. We live pretty simply but we still have bills like everyone else. I’ll be learning a lot, making mistakes, and trying out different techniques as I go along. I’ll make sure to keep everyone updated with what I learn. I hope to make new friends here and learn from what you know as well. So far I’ve learned about dropshipping, affiliate marketing, click funnels, and youtube marketing. I’m not good at any of it but I’d like to be. I like the idea of blogging and affiliate marketing most. I’m going to try my best to make this work and will post here regularly. I hope that you will all join me for this experiment and adventure!

Stay tuned..